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Welcome to Glorious Web Design

Let us make your next business project Glorious!

We believe that presentation is everything and our goal is to make your business project look exquisite.

Application Design

Our skill team of software engineers is ready to build your next business applicaiton!

Social Media Management

Viral videos & pictures both turn into sells with the right marketing stratedgy.


There are three responses to a piece of design:Yes....NO....& WOW!

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    Digital Designs

    We will design anything from a simple web logo to a complex web application!

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    HQ Photos

    High quality photos of products! GA Residents only!

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    Alarming Web Design

    Cutting edge web designs!

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    Video Creation

    We will create a professional video that meets your needs.

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    Social Media Management

    We will manage all of your social media accounts

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    Our marketing techniques will attract the right customers.

  • Elements of Creativity

    Creativity is mastery of simplicity

    No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant work is rejected by the client, for whatever dopey, arbitrary reason, there is often another amazing, absolutely brilliant solution possible.

    • Embrace Uncertainty

      Managing ambiguity and change

    • Think Independently

      Learning from Experience

    • Balance Logic and Imagination

      Whole-Brain Thinking

    • Curiosity

      The insatiable quest for knowledge and continuous improvement

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Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

  • Do I need to pay for the entire cost of the project upfront?

    No, we only requiore a 50% deposit upfront to get started working.

  • Can you guys meet up and discuss the project we need worked on?

    Yes, if your a business based in GA we will meet you at a Starbucks, but we are strictly an online business for clients outside of GA

  • How does the process work for a project?

    You tell us what you need (logo, website, video). We Quote you! You pay 50% deposit. We show you our finish work. You request edits or fall in love with it and pay the other 50%. You and your customers then enjoy your new logo, website or video!

  • How long will it take you guys to finish my project?

    Most projects are finished within 14 days, but larger projectts like web applications could take up to 1-3 months to complete. It just really depends on the size of the project.

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Design is all around us, in our homes, in buildings, architecture, landscaping, products, movies, television, and much more.

  • BBC
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Canon
  • Nike
  • Green Peace
  • Facebook
  • Audi
  • Warner Bros
  • Microsoft
  • Coca Cola
  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Vimeo
  • NBC
  • Sony
  • PlayStation
  • National Geographic

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